Testimonial 7

Hello my name is Aidan Galloway and I attended science camp this summer. Every year my parents drop me off at camp and I never know what they signed me up for. I’ve played football in 100 degree heat, baked play dough and swam in a dirty pond so it can be very frightening.
This was the best science experience I have ever had. I was allowed to experiment and play with such cool toys. I was mixed with older kids and was able to see so more than enough and then yesterday I got my own drone in the mail!!!
My mom said this camp was free and I would have sold my bike to go if had to. Thank you for taking the time to care about each of us. I saw your kindness each day and know why my mom says this company built on Gods love and grace. My dad says that people need to hear something negative to improve. Next year can you make this 2 weeks?
Thank you again for making science so wonderful.